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Players on break

28 players remain so we are 9 off the money

Big Stacks In room

Amir Abbas - 490,000

Steve Gergis - 630000

Ken Demilian- 380000

Pavan Jay - 380000

Michael Sleiman- 380000

Jarryd Thatcher - 255, 000


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Chop it up Chop it up

The remaining 3 players have made a deal!!! Steve Marrone -$52,800 Robert Spano- $43,000 Noel Jaber- $43,000 The 3 boys will play out the last 30 minutes of this level, whoever finishes with the most

Pritchard ousted in a huge one!

Jason Limped from the Small blind Steve made it 380k total at 40k/80k Jason Limp Jams for 1.8million!!! Steve goes deep into the tank! and thinks and thinks and thinks and CALLS AK for Jason 44 for St

Pritchard finally doubles

Jason Pritchard has been nursing the short stack for a good few hours and finally got his reward. he shoved for 925k at 40k/80k Robert called from the Small Blind AQ for Jason A10 for Robert 37Q88 run


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