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Highroller Final Table

Our prestigious Highroller event attracted 55 entries creating a prize pool of $122,650.

It has been a star studded field with the likes of Craig Blight, Michael O'Grady and Robert Damelian.

Our final table is now set and is a who's who of poker!

Lead by, who else, Adrian Attenborough who has maintained his overnight chip lead.

Seat 1- Marc Seymour 750k

Seat 2- Dejan Boskovic (junior) 900k

Seat 3- Robert Spano 275k

Seat 4- Dean Boskovic 800k

Seat 5- Milad Issa 325k

Seat 6- Hassan Onay 775k

Seat 7- Adrian Attenborough 1.2million

Seat 8- Travis O'Grady 400k

Seat 9- Barry Forrester 400k

Blinds 5k/10k with an average stack of 515k (51bb)

The Top 7 will be paid:

1st- $40,470 plus Trophy

2nd- $29,440

3rd- $19,620

4th- $11,650

5th- $9200

6th- $6750

7th- $5520